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DPFsolutions offers DPF cleaning services in Mississauga and the GTA. Diesel particulate cleaning has to be done at regular intervals to remove the inert debris in the filter substrate. This is done to maintain the optimum level of performance for your diesel-powered vehicle. 

Come to us for cleaning diesel oxidation catalysts and diesel particulate filters. These devices remove diesel particulates from the exhaust of diesel engines and help them function properly. Our licensed mechanics follow a structured cleaning process, which consists of:

A visual inspection of the filter
Removal of all gaskets and debris
A measurement of pin depth taken from both the clean and dirty sides of the filter
Placement of the dirty filter in our pneumatic EB-9001 blast cabinet machine

If additional thermal cleaning is needed, we’ll use our EB-9002 regeneration oven. We can also restore oil- and coolant-soaked DPFs and DOCs, if necessary, and replace diesel exhaust flanges. After the cleaning is complete, we will record all final measurements on our filter data sheet.

For efficient handling of all your DPF cleaning needs, we use advanced equipment from both FSX Equipment and Enviromotive.

Contact the team at DPFsolutions today to learn more about filter cleaning and to schedule your appointment.


We provide timely DPF repair services in Mississauga.

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